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Here we are going to explore the ground breaking work of psychologist Dr Lawrence Fishcock on how the brain is impacted by not having a real relationship and only messing around with Causal Sex. 

While many people in the world believe that its wrong to have sex before marriage, that group of people is becoming older and older and will eventually leave this earth. What we are left with is an increasing population of thrill seekers and open minded people who are exploring new kinds of relationships and w4m encounters.

We of course cater to these groups here at W4M Maps no doubt, but at times we’ve also had to ask ourselves is it wrong to push people to mostly have casual encounters and friends with benefits, or is this perfectly acceptable given our new cultural norms in society?

We decided to get the opinion of a highly respected psychologist, and instead of looking at the moral or ethical debate behind such casual relationships instead we’re going to be taking a good look at the actual brain chemistry that is at play, as we feel that is far more relevant then our subjective opinions.

According to the most recent research available, areas of the brain that correspond to pleasure tend to light up extensively when someone is engaging on w4m maps and looking for sex, a little bit of dopamine is released and everyone is feeling good. So what would be wrong with that?

Nothing. The End.