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Alright so let me guess…you wanna take this girl out on a date but you are sitting there like a limp carrot not sure what to do? Not to sound like a dick but it’s time to get your act together man!
Now to be fair, there are so many questions around the first date that it could make any sane man feel like they’re losing it. That doesn’t have to be you with the following tips.

Ask your best female friend for inside info:

Who better to ask about what women want than from a woman herself? Do note that the advice you get from women will vary, but it helps to go in prepared with a few scenarios in mind. There are equally underlying themes that you’ll get from what they say, and that’s what we’re going to discuss from here on.

The first impression is everything (mostly)
From how you’re dressed to the cologne you’re wearing, women will assess you based on what you’re wearing. That doesn’t mean that you should show up in a three-piece suit. You need to be true to yourself, but be the cleaned-up version of that. Take a shower and a shave and slap on some deodorant or cologne. You ought to show that you do care about your appearance. Women like to walk
around with men who look good or decent.

Pick a place you’ve been to and are familiar and comfortable with

You want to show her where the best spot in the location is. It helps to be in an area that you’re comfortable and familiar with. That way, you have one less thing to worry about. If you have a favorite waiter, have a chat with them to help you out. They’ll ensure that your date gets the best experience possible, which of course are added marks for you. Since you have a limp carrot instead of a sword you’ll need to follow these silly tips. Also, don’t go to your local; saying hi to people every few minutes is at best distracting, and something your date will likely not appreciate.

Confidence is still huge

You’re looking and smelling great. You’re in a comfortable environment. Now it’s up to you to step up and play your part. Get up and do a little dance, have a few drinks, and make a real gentleman of yourself with everybody! Whether you’re male or female, confidence is attractive. If you’re deficient in that
area, you ought to have practiced beforehand, or purpose to fake it till you make it. You can start by talking something you’re passionate about and then build up from there. Fortnite and such topics are okay for a few minutes; otherwise, your date will tune out. Unless you’re sure,