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With an increasing population, experts conclude there are more single people in the United States year after year. However with a rise in the problem of “catfishing” on prominent internet dating websites, we investigate the question, where’s the real women seeking men?

It’s been often said there are “Plenty of fish in the sea”, a saying which no doubt inspired the popular dating app Plenty of Fish, which boasts more 50,000 new members per day joining and looking for their next date. 

But when it comes to online dating, over the years there has been an increase in the number of fake profiles (aka catfish) entering the picture, and we asked the question how many of the profiles are looking for a date, and how many of them are looking for you to hand over your financial details and take it from behind?

To answer this question we created a profile in the busy city of New York, and within minutes our inbox was filling up with messages from gorgeous women.

We started conversations with the users, and we found again and again on every major dating platform across the board, over 50% of them asked us to visit a link within the first 3 minutes of chatting. Whats even more disturbing, is that the final destination always involved putting in a credit card to gain some kind of access.

This problem is one of the reasons which prompted us to use a higher level of security here on W4M Maps. Females who post ads must confirm their identity and we manually review their ads to make sure they aren’t eventually leading down the road to hell.

With catfishing on the rise and over 50% of profiles sending links, we thought it was time to create our Women Seeking Men platform and help connect people together for mutual benefit. So our final advice when it comes to finding your next casual encounter or dating situation with some in your area is to keep your eyes open, your wallet closed, and have some fun! Cheers.