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Nowadays more people are meeting online then in real life, and more people are having text conversations then real ones. Yes we are living in strange times. So the question of the day here at w4m maps is why do some people choose to use dating apps where there is no chance of meeting in person? The purpose of w4m maps is to bring people together who are in the same local area and give them a visual map of their connections, not to form pen pals. Lets take a look at some of the reasons people choose to waste their time with online fantasy shall we?

One of the incredible things about meeting people online is the avenues that you can use to. You can chat with people now via apps in our smartphones. Talk about convenience! While that is exciting, let’s look at the good and the not-so-good when it comes to meeting people online.

The good thing about meeting people online: Huge time saver

We’ve talked about this. The fantastic thing about being in chatrooms is you can speak with a ton of people at the same time. You have to have a couple of tabs open. You cannot do that in real life, now can you? You’re able to vet people quite fast, and you’re left with the people you genuinely have a spark with. Imagine the flip side of having to meet all these people only to realize that they are not the right one for you. Now you can know who you have a chance with before taking your meeting offline.

The bad: Distance

The thing with chatrooms is it gives you a chance to like and fall for someone’s personality. What happens when the person lives miles away? Even if you carry your conversations to personal platforms like your phone and Skype, there is still that tingling desire to want to see the person, well, in person. Be aware that it’s a possibility you might have to deal with.

The good: information at a glance

How do you know who you want to talk to? The old way you’ll have to speak to someone for a while before realizing that your interests are not the same. Now, you can, after liking the person in the photo, proceed to check if you have more things in common on their profile. In a local chat room, you can even find your niche of people through browsing the categories of chatrooms. There, you can find people with the same genuine interests as you and hit it off.

The bad: Catfishing

The other side of finding someone is getting catfished. Imagine talking to someone you think you want to spend the rest of your life with and it turns out to be your crazy ex? What do you do then? The problem is that it might take you months or even years to realize that you’re talking to the wrong person. You’re left with years of feelings invested, and that can be heartbreaking.

The good: You won’t be a nervous wretch on your first date

Sure, you’ll feel like their hawks in your stomach when you approach the venue you’re meeting your date, but you’ll be more confident. That’s because you know enough about the person. Before setting up the date, you’re assured you can carry a conversation with them easily. It also gives you the chance to know more about a person in a short time.

And there you have it. Now if you feel like you want to meet someone locally give w4m maps a try, you can find your next date, girlfriend, or casual encounter for free.