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As one of the most popular craigslist alternatives in the space today, many consumers are joining Doublelist when it comes to finding a mate online… but can you double your chances at love?

Being a young male, I understand what its like turning to dating apps like POF or OkCupid to meet people just for the purposes of having sex with no further relationship warranted after a mutually satisfying encounter.  However, most of the time this doesn’t really work and just results in a lot of useless banter back and forth between you and the girl you are hoping to meet. 

So, first off, you need to know what casual dating is. It’s essentially dating without the intention of marrying the other person or getting into anything long term. How long these last really depend on each person. Let’s take a look at some ways you can make sure that you double your love life. 

1. Make Sure Everyone Knows The Score 

For avoiding to run into any disagreements at a later point in your relationship, make sure that both of you are on the same page since the very start of the relationship. Keep both of you properly involved in what you guys what in between you. Let your intentions be crystal clear, so the other person might not develop any expectations. 

2. Never Compromise Over Your Respect 

Even if it’s just a temporary thing, casual dating still involved two people being in a relationship. And whenever you are in a relationship, you need to have an element of respect between you two. You should be treated the same way as if you were another human being and not anything below that. The same applies to you treating the other person as well. 

3. Don’t Overwhelm Yourself 

This essentially means that since you’re not looking to get involved in a very serious relationship where you have to make commitments, you can get involved in more than one relationship at a single time, however you please. However, make sure not to overcrowd yourself as at the end of the day, you bring along the baggage of the person you’re spending time around with. 

4. Don’t Ever Be Possessive 

Just as we discussed the last point, keep in mind that this applies to the other person as well. He or she can also be involved in other relationships just as you can be. So, never try to be possessive about the person or let the other person feel it for you.If you feel so, it might be time to shut it down real quick as this is a no-go when it comes to casual dating. 

5. Play With Your Rules 

The main aim of casual dating is to have fun while you’re in it. While regular relationships require you to invest much time, care for the other, and be able to compromise, nothing that sort applies to a casual relationship. Hence you’re free to do anything and not feel bound by anything. 

6. Be Able To End It Maturely 

Just as you knew exactly what you were getting into when you started the relationship in the first place, you should also be very clear that it would have to be ended whenever on   of your two wants to. While it could be you to decide that, but it could also be your partner. So be ready if the other person does it, and manage it like a grownup, as it was always supposed to come to an end. That is exactly why people are turning to doublelist because its both sides know what they are getting and there are no broken hearts. And while we cannot guarantee you will double your love life, odds are good that you will have some fun along the way.