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Backpage was formally an advertising company that provided a platform for sex workers to advertise themselves and people to buy sex from them. The government seized this website because every agency offering buying and selling of sex was being shut down by the federal law. Backpage was essentially shut down in 2018, and a lot of backlashes were caused because of this by the sex workers. 

The protests:

The workers took on to the streets with one banner each in their hands. They were giving out the message that what would happen to you if your job was taken away from you? And how will you feel like if you will never be able to follow the same profession even? These questions were stuck in everyone’s minds.

The federal law, however, didn’t listen to them, and they wanted to save their nation as all of this is considered unethical. But the sex workers, on the other hand, had a different opinion, and they raised the message that by controlling the sex work for public safety, these people are getting themselves in riskier and somewhat unstable situations. 

The aftermath:

After the new law was enforced, the sex workers had an opinion, and they raised the message that by controlling sex works for public safety, these people are getting themselves in riskier and somewhat unstable situations. As the clients they have been working with were getting their service over the other side of the screen, but now if they recognize them on the streets, it can get dangerous for the worker.

This can cause violence and whatnot, meaning that homicidal killings can occur and many people can die because they cannot defend themselves as they are poor, trans genders, disabled and all of them who didn’t have anything to do in their life’s no opportunities for a greater and more respective profession. 

The alternatives:

On the streets of New York, there is always an opportunity for a sex worker if they are standing and waiting around somewhat dressed as a prostitute. Well, this was bound to happen after the shutting down of Backpage and all types of other high banner agencies. A lawsuit was filed again, and random women who were not allegedly white and were Trans, mixed-race, or suspects were arrested.

This called for another riot, and many people suffered from no income to support themselves. Black sex workers or Trans workers were targeted, whether they were residents or not. This racism act was causing these people not to be able to feed their children, afford rents, pay off their tuitions, etc. many of these workers were teen parents, part-time college students, or were earning to get a decent amount to feed themselves. 

Final thoughts:

As this federal law has shut down many big banner sex working agencies by now and the aftermath clearly shows what they have done, it can be said that this is a shame that racism still exists, and white people will always be considered superior.

There is not an equal rights system, and if black people and their agencies are shut down, then why not agencies run by white people? This question will remain unanswered.