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It might be a casual thing, but instinct guides women to seek alpha males, and they want to avoid men who have certain issues in their life lets say. By knowing these, you can avoid falling into the friend zone, and believe me you will be put there instantly if you don’t pay attention here so listen up.  Well, the deal is determining whether to sleep with a guy the first day you meet, or not, depends on a lot more than what the movies tell us. There aren’t any fast and rules to follow when it comes to looking for who you have sex with, but there certainly are questions you should ask, even if you’re in for a one-night stand.

Birth control and STIs are on top of that list for obvious reasons, and they get the conversation going, but there are many more complex questions you ought to ask. These questions include:

  • Have you been tested (and when was the test)?

You cannot override that fact that STIs are serious. No matter how cute they look, never gloss over an important STI discussion. ‘I’m clean’ is not the answer you should be looking for because it always means that the person you’re talking too cannot remember when they last saw a doctor or if they have ever. Also, someone saying they’re clean is often speaking about HIV. But as we all know, there are worse things out there. So, if you’re going to have sex, especially raw sex (no one recommends this in this time and age), be 100% sure that you both have a clean bill of health. And just use the goddamn rubber!

  • Are you married?

If you’re into a casual thing, you might assume that knowing their status doesn’t matter, but it does. Asking this question helps you know if he’s sleeping around with other women. Sometimes, the drama that can ensue from sleeping with a married guy is not worth the orgasm (if you have an orgasm).

  • Is this what you use to pick up chicks?

Now, men love it when you stroke their ego. So, if he has a good car,compliment him first to stroke their ego, then ask if the car is the chick magnet. Wondering what this has to do with sex? Well, it goes back to their personality. If he’s a humble guy, he’ll be either embarrassed or take the compliment graciously. But if you’re about to sleep with a jerk, then they’ll brag about the car and their exploits. I don’t know much about you, but you wouldn’t want to sleep with a selfish and arrogant guy, right?

  • Are you still friends with your ex?

If you’re really interested in the guy and have gone out on a few dates with him, you should ask about his relationship with their ex.Past relationships reveal more about a guy that you’d ever know from how he treats you. A guy who speaks respectfully about their ex-lover tells you that he’ll probably be respectful to you too.But, be careful if he’s still too friendly with his ex.

Don’t forget to ask about their expectations and if he’s okay with your guys seeing each other again (if that’s what you want). Here on w4m maps most of what you will find is people who are seeking a casual encounter. So keep these tips in mind and good luck!