Better then Tinder?

Find out why people are leaving tinder for Well Hello.

Top 3 reasons WellHello is better then tinder.

1. Better location targeting

The locations settings on tinder and most apps are not very accurate, and you're talking to people who don't wanna travel 127 miles to meet you.

WellHello uses accurate location targeting and you only talk to girls within range.

2. Way more action

WellHello caters to people who are looking for sex and good times, plain and simple. Most dating apps are filled with talkers, and women who aren't very motivated to meet anyone.

3. Realness

Most dating apps have been overrun with fake profiles and scammers, and the few real women aren't that interested in meeting. WellHello is low key and doesn't have a spam problem. Just a lot of people with a sex problem.

Get ready to burn tinder and have a better time on WellHello tonight.
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